APW Character Challenge: Day 4

Snooty snoot snoot! What a snoot!

This is Day 4 of the 14 Day Character Design Challenge! Original gesture is here. Sorry I haven’t been able to link them in the other posts – can’t access Facebook links or anything Facebook at work!

Come join the challenge, or look at what other peeps are coming up with: APW Facebook Page


Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid (Custom LoL Champion)


Posting a new drawing of my take on a custom League of Legends champion: Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid! Here was the initial sketch of the champion in pencil, and now in full colour!


This is an original concept created by Nhan Pham (http://nhanfiction.com/) and you can check out the more info on Cerule here: League of Legends Wiki.

Hopefully I’ll be able to submit more drawings soon! The Animation Portfolio Workshop is holding their 14 days 14 character challenge again this year¬†starting next week – a gesture drawing is posted each day and everybody comes up with a character based on that shape! Share your drawings on their facebook page if you decide to join :D