Blitzcrank Sculpture

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I’ve made a sculpture of Blitzcrank! Made from Sculpey clay, painted with acrylics and then a coat of varnish to make it nice and glossy!

It’s the 2nd sculpture I’ve ever done, and I’m glad it was a robot because I don’t think I’m able to sculpt a human figure yet!

Here’s the time lapse video of the making of Blitzcrank, as well as a couple of shots I took after I was finished – I took a lot because I was actually giving it away as a gift to my boyfriend! It’s cool though, I still get to see it.





Hope you enjoyed!

Remee Kickstarter

Hello, I’m still alive!

Something pretty cool I came across – a while back, I received an email from someone asking if they could use my Gentleman Rainbow illustration in their video, and lo and behold! I think it’s from the Remee Kickstarter campaign!

Even if it wasn’t them, it was okay because they gave me credit and linked to here for using my work (thank you!).

But hey! My illustration’s on their product at the 3:21 mark for like a whole second! I wish I knew about it earlier but it seems like they got much more support than they were asking for! Best of luck to them!

I was also recently told that the app I was helping do illustrations for is now live – my drawings are on an app! It’s so cool to see it become a part of a final product!

These things made my day! I haven’t been drawing much lately but it’s motivated me to get back into it. As soon as I figure out all the new features on Adobe CS5 – the virtual paintbrush window trips me out when I’m using my tablet, like it knows how I’m tilting the stylus and everything!

swallow tattoo

Swallow tattoos I helped design for a friend ! I haven’t done realistic colouring in a long while ~

She ended up liking a realistic swallow design best – me too ! Birds look nice when they’re puffy and soft-lookin’ :D  Wonder how the tatto’s going to look on skin !

back from mexico !

Hello !! I’m back safe and sound from Mexico ! It was an awesome week, more exhausting than a relaxing trip :D

We were out and about half the time – went snorkeling a day and swimming in underwater sinkholes, went to look at Mayan ruins, Chichen-itza, and… did a lot of stuff I thought I’d be scared to do !

Prettiest picture I took in Mexico:

Random thought about Mexico though – they always tell us we’ll be eating iguanas for lunch/dinner, but then it’s really chicken – is it a tourist thing ? Trying to scare us with the iguanas.. ! Hahaha!

Anyway ! Cafe sketches from July and August ! I really like the last page !

return of toast-san !


Geeky Marmalade Toast-san (with a slice of butter on his head too) ! His glasses are dazzling ! Hahaha :D

Now they’re a trio !

The third toast looks a lot more refined than my previous two. I guess I’ve improved on my toast-making.

I’m thinking of making a line of originals, then make a whole bunch of duplicates and sell them somewhere. If only I have a way of getting pre-cut fabrics and all -_- then I don’t have to spend time cutting it out and stuffs – it actually takes awhile because my scissors aren’t that sharp and it’s hard to cut it smooth x.x

We shall see !

Now… what kind of toast to do now …

original toast-san

Recently my mom decided to rent out a little “box” from those stores that have like 50 boxes in them so people can sell whatever they want there. I wanted to try to put something in there to see if anyone would like my stuff too, so I made some little plushies !


100% Handmade, Super Original Work of IMA ! i even sewed my name to the back of these :D I added a little hoop to their heads they could be keychains or necklaces or something !

I was going to sell these two off but didn’t have the heart to T-T my originals ~

So I decided that I’ll sell the duplicate ones :D


greetings from afar

I’m still here ~ !

Not fully though, sadly :/ I brought my tablet over to Hong Kong hoping that I could be painting up some awesomness..but this laptop’s monitor slot thing is busted, and the computer at home only has one slot! Next time I’m just going to bring my Graphire over to Hong Kong, no need to lug my big one around..wouldn’t want it damaged anyway :S

I’ve no scanner! What! I can take pictures of my cafe sketches..I’ll be doing that…

But most of the time I’m spending here is helping my brother design some boxes and right now I’m doing the front cover of a catalogue. I’ve learned some nifty stuff in Illustrator and Photoshop!

But the best thing I’ve come across so far was …APOPHYSIS !!!!!!

I’ve always wondered how people did those wicked fractal designs – I was like, “oh man, it must take forever to make one of those !” BUT NO! There’s a program that generates fractals for you! You can tweak it! You can make pretty fractals yourself!

YAY FOR APOPHYSIS! (I’ve spent an hour or two toying with it, I’ve converted my desktop, my mom’s and my brother’s into fractal designs :D)


heart super swirl

I have to figure out how to make it look less particle/pixel looking, more high res…

This one below was a wallpaper I made after doing a Photoshop tutorial :D


P.S. I went to the Ani-Con in Hong Kong a few days ago and got myself a Yotsuba! I was asking every booth if they had the Danbo, but alas.. they were all sold out :/ If only I went a few days earlier !! Now I have to scour Hong Kong to find it!


Hope you like!

days until hong kong !

Off to Hong Kong by the end of the week! I’ll be gone until Mid-Autumn Festival – around the beginning of October.

So now I’m packing stuff.. packing my tablet snugly, I want to be drawing lots when I get back :D Hopefully the computer there can handle Photoshop.. or else that’ll suck pretty hard.

I’m still painting my grandpa’s picture! It’s finally starting to not look so blank and bleak :D Don’t it look FIERCE!




..and that’s where it is as of now.

I’ll be posting the finished piece soon!