boxer rough colours

I was looking for different kind of colouring styles I could try this time, and I got inspired by L.A. Noire’s art with the very contrasting lights and darks :D

Roughed out the shadows and highlights – the colours look a bit off again when I look at it through my tablet and then my monitor, but I kind of like it !

Happy with the light sources so far – might change the colours later.

I’ll be working on this in my free time, the rest is devoted to finishing up my website and demoreel now!

This is what a part of my (very simple) website looks like so far:

Fancybox and JQuery stuff is serious biznit. Took forever to get it working !

Hope you like !

swallow tattoo

Swallow tattoos I helped design for a friend ! I haven’t done realistic colouring in a long while ~

She ended up liking a realistic swallow design best – me too ! Birds look nice when they’re puffy and soft-lookin’ :D  Wonder how the tatto’s going to look on skin !

welson metal work

Posting up some of the work I did whenever I go back to Hong Kong to my family’s work the past few summers:

The cover of the Specification Manual and a divider in the book:

Box packaging for various products – orange box was done probably the summer before :

A little leaflet as a general overview of the company’s products – I retook all the pictures of the products, made them nice and shiny…haha:

A random glowing graphic I made with the logos, I was following a tutorial for this,  I forgot where it is now :

My stuff’s very beginner XD – I’ve never really touched Illustrator until I had to do packaging designs, so I’m just learning on the go !