Anime North 2014

April and May was when my group of friends and I slaved over our mascot costumes for Anime North 2014 so for awhile my house turned into a sweatshop. But HEY we got our costumes done relatively early for once, check it OUT!

airu_family2 Airu_family Airu_Iris


We were Airu / Felyne cats from Monster Hunter – specifically from the spinoff game MH Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village. I was the cat with the pink clothes, and progressively became shorter and shorter as we stayed in the costume.

Couldn’t do anything in the costume except wiggle and walk around, so we had to rely on others to take pictures of us! These photos were courtesy of my friend and some peeps that shared their albums from Anime North.

Now that it’s all over (bahhh), time to find a place to store the gigantic head and get back to posting my drawings!


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