“Do I Wanna Know?”

New drawing from constantly playing an Arctic Monkeys song, hence an arctic monkey! I’ve been listening to “Do I Wanna Know?” picturing this monkey in the cold. The song’s been stuck on me, and its own music video is super cool to boot!

It’s taken me awhile to finish this because I could never sit down long enough to completely finish anything – the monkey’s fur taking the most time because of the mish-mash of colours (blue face?? whaaaaat)

As far as I know… I don’t think this monkey really exists. I was picking a type of monkey to base this off of and went with the golden snub-nosed monkeys. They looked so badass but damn do their noses look freaky – so my monkey’s got a standard looking monkey nose.


Hope you like!

Check out this initial WIP shot – was thinking of it being windy and the hood’s flying around but nah not cool!



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