recent drawings!


I’ve been away for awhile, mostly trying to catch up on a lot work that piled up lately but hurray – it’s been sorted out, and now I should be able to have more time to work on my art stuff!

I’ve just started contributing some designs for an Etsy shop called Chamber Decals – wall decals and even laptop decals of custom designs by the owner as well as other contributing artists are sold here! Feel free to check it out! Eventually I may want to buy one of my own too – just seems nice to have it on the wall instead of having a frame and everything around it :D

Here’s one of the designs:


On another note – I was asked by Nhan to do a drawing of my version of one of his custom League of Legends Champion, here’s the rough pencil sketch of Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid below.
The three fishies aren’t part of his actual champion – just something I added because I read “Fish are Friends” as one of Cerule’s hidden passives..haha!

Onwards to colour it up and reupload it again!

Hope you enjoyed :D


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