Day 5: Favourite Outfit

Day 5: Draw your favourite outfit

My newest favourite tee, “Moustardche!” from Threadless and these really, really comfy jeggings sort of pants my mom brought over from Hong Kong!

I love Threadless! I am so, effing, thankful that people are able to put in their emails to ask that a t-shirt be reprinted after it was sold out, and once it gets enough requests it DOES get reprinted! If not for that, I would not have been able to experience this hotdog moustache tee.

I’m behind on my 30 day challenge! :( Recently moved to a new position at work so I don’t have a desk for the rest of the week, just sitting beside the person that’s going through everything that I’ll be doing – no time to draw at work! :D


4 thoughts on “Day 5: Favourite Outfit

  1. Sup Ima! Long time no talk.

    The stuff you’ve been putting up on your blog looks really awesome. That hot dog tee is pretty darn boss.

    Where exactly do you work?

    1. Alvin!!! I know man, how you’ve been!?
      Thanks hahaha, I work at CIBC right now in downtown, but I’m still trying to keep drawing if I get back in into a more arts-related job in the future!
      Hope everything’s going well with you :D

      1. Oh wow, sounds like a cool job. You working as a teller?

        And yeah, keep up the good work. I’m really enjoying the stuff you’re putting out.

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