Remee Kickstarter

Hello, I’m still alive!

Something pretty cool I came across – a while back, I received an email from someone asking if they could use my Gentleman Rainbow illustration in their video, and lo and behold! I think it’s from the Remee Kickstarter campaign!

Even if it wasn’t them, it was okay because they gave me credit and linked to here for using my work (thank you!).

But hey! My illustration’s on their product at the 3:21 mark for like a whole second! I wish I knew about it earlier but it seems like they got much more support than they were asking for! Best of luck to them!

I was also recently told that the app I was helping do illustrations for is now live – my drawings are on an app! It’s so cool to see it become a part of a final product!

These things made my day! I haven’t been drawing much lately but it’s motivated me to get back into it. As soon as I figure out all the new features on Adobe CS5 – the virtual paintbrush window trips me out when I’m using my tablet, like it knows how I’m tilting the stylus and everything!


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