cafe sketches, june – july

Hey hey ! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve still been drawing ! Just never got around to posting stuffs.. :D

Some cafe sketches in the past 2 months – it’s hard getting seats at Starbucks or the food court at the mall, it’s getting crowded now that the weather’s super summery.



Slowly but surely, I’m drawing the whole person instead of just their heads – yay !

This is a coloured version of a sketch I did in one of the pages – drunk lady at Square One food court !

When that lady went over to pull a random lady’s baby carriage (with baby inside being like, “what?”) and dragged it a couple feet, then getting in the parents’ face and then using a shopping cart nearby to blocking her from leaving…something was about to go down. Security came, pulled her over to the side, incidentally right beside where I was sitting to ask her what is her deal. She chucks her soda into one of them and it spills, andddddd she gets cuffed and hauled off, while wriggling around yelling stuff. Whoa !

Funny thing was I saw her a bit earlier standing around too, just didn’t know she was actually drunk !


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