life drawing night !

Today I went life drawing after a few months, it feels so nice to go back to it again ! I’m glad I wasn’t very stiff with my drawings, but it’s still pretty messy :D

I arrived early, so I drew some people while I was waiting. There were a lot of long poses, so I ended up doing quick gestures of them first before doing a longer drawing of it.

2 / 5 / 10 minute poses

10 minute pose – I need to observe more carefully, the poses are slightly different when they’re supposed to be the same, gah !

This pose gave me so much trouble – I ended up going off to draw a caricatured version of the model instead :D

Went over to another room to draw at this point !

Gestures, gestures, gestures ~

Whew ! Ok ! That was a lot of drawings ! I think I had a mini improvement on my hands and feet tonight. Yay !

Hope you like !


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