been too long !

Sorry that I’ve disappeared for a month ! Family was back and things got busy, had to do more packaging stuff for my Dad, Anime North, this and that – now I should be back regularly updating ! Slowly going back to my own schedule and resuming stuffs !

I haven’t gone cafe sketchin’ with my friends in awhile :/ I started helping out at the Portfolio Workshop on Saturdays, kind of learning to be a TA – it’s helping me talk more and speak up ! So with that, I got to find time to do some cafe sketching during the week !

I got around to scanning sketches from like 2 months back.. starting with drawings from April ! I tried out painting over them – haven’t done that in awhile ! Tried out different ways of colouring it.. will try it out on the rest of the scanned sketches!

Off topic but… the power supply of my computer died a week or two ago ! So scared the stupid power supply brought everything down with it as it exploded (no it didn’t really explode.. it just smoked up)… but all is fine ! So lucky ~

Anyway, lots to do ! Enjoy !


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