a more realistic approach

I haven’t tried to paint something realistic in awhile – it’s hard ! So many details to take into account !

I used a picture in one of my non-no magazines as a reference (it ended up not really lookin’ like her – I painted the eyes too big I think). I figured out how to paint skin smoother now – you use that airbrush brush…! I haven’t noticed it until now – didn’t know there was something softer than a soft brush.

This took my a couple of hours, it actually took longer because I was inspired to do something like Ben Tour’s work, but couldn’t pull it off =_= I think it’s easier to try to do that kind of style with traditional media…but I really like his work – my favourite’s this one here :

By: Ben Tour (Crash & Burn series)

He’s Canadian too ! What whaaat ! It looks so awesome ! Augh ! I absolutely love the eyes here.

Enjoy !


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