the dragon is ALIIIIVE !

It’s finally finished !


HERE is a 3.8mb version of the painting if anyone’s interested ~

forgot to mention: This is a replica of the original painting by Xiao Tian, called “Dragon Fire” – find the original here !

Well.. mine’s a modified verison – the paper was not long enough so I had to squish it. And the flowers were hard to draw =_= I did my best !

Now it’s awaiting framing ! I’m probably going to pick a wooden frame for it but what colour the matte board part should be.. hmm :S I got until tomorrow to figure it out ! I’m planning to give this to my grandpa as a gift on Mid-Autumn Festival. Woohoo mooncakes !!

What’s next ? Helping my brother finish up flyers and stuffs, have to pack for the 4 day trip to Beijing with my parents (wooo) and then packing to come back to Toronto ! All in under 2 weeks !

So..yeah ! LATER !



6 thoughts on “the dragon is ALIIIIVE !

  1. Me likey, should have put a couple of dragon balls in the pic:D

    My only gripe about it would have to be the scales on the dragons under belly.

    It makes reading the dragons pose a little difficult because the scales on his belly are the same as the scales on the rest of his body. If you look at snakes and most other reptiles the scales on the under belly are vastly different than what they have on the rest of their body.

    That made it somewhat difficult to read his pose. I know it is obviously curving and wrapping around and being all snake like flying through the air.

    I will stop rambling now.

    Peace out homie.

    1. thanks kpeepee XD
      yeah i thought that the grey part was kinda funny looking too, i took it as the tail being clouded or something XD i should’ve changed it ! but i was replicating the original painting so.. XD will do if i ever design my own dragons ~

  2. Hey Iris, I think it’s beautiful! =) you’ve captured the Asian-spirit of it very well. I hope your grandma gives you tons of mooncakes! Have a great trip! I’m jealous…

    -is stuck in school-

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