greetings from afar

I’m still here ~ !

Not fully though, sadly :/ I brought my tablet over to Hong Kong hoping that I could be painting up some awesomness..but this laptop’s monitor slot thing is busted, and the computer at home only has one slot! Next time I’m just going to bring my Graphire over to Hong Kong, no need to lug my big one around..wouldn’t want it damaged anyway :S

I’ve no scanner! What! I can take pictures of my cafe sketches..I’ll be doing that…

But most of the time I’m spending here is helping my brother design some boxes and right now I’m doing the front cover of a catalogue. I’ve learned some nifty stuff in Illustrator and Photoshop!

But the best thing I’ve come across so far was …APOPHYSIS !!!!!!

I’ve always wondered how people did those wicked fractal designs – I was like, “oh man, it must take forever to make one of those !” BUT NO! There’s a program that generates fractals for you! You can tweak it! You can make pretty fractals yourself!

YAY FOR APOPHYSIS! (I’ve spent an hour or two toying with it, I’ve converted my desktop, my mom’s and my brother’s into fractal designs :D)


heart super swirl

I have to figure out how to make it look less particle/pixel looking, more high res…

This one below was a wallpaper I made after doing a Photoshop tutorial :D


P.S. I went to the Ani-Con in Hong Kong a few days ago and got myself a Yotsuba! I was asking every booth if they had the Danbo, but alas.. they were all sold out :/ If only I went a few days earlier !! Now I have to scour Hong Kong to find it!


Hope you like!


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