dragon painting

This month I’ve been starting to paint a dragon for my grandpa’s place in Hong Kong! I haven’t painted since I went into college, so it was very slow… haha :D I went to go visit my drawing teacher – haven’t seen her since I stopped classes when I went into college too! I had to ask her how to paint again – light to dark ? Dark to light ? What ? :D

I’ve always learned painting by replicating a picture and that’s what I’m doing now! Honestly I haven’t touched this in so long..  I don’t think I can come up with my own design yet :/ Later on!

This is what I have so far:


It’s going to be a looong process :D I need to finish this by the end of the month!

Offtopic thing here, but I wrapped up a new notebook I got at the dollar store (very sturdy, I like) with a picture I found in a Milk Magazine…looks purty nice!


Mm…Deep-In-Thought Book …


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