demoreel april ’09


Haven’t been able to post/do anything during my last week of school, it was all demoreel cramming time. Man, the week was brutal :D As for my demoreel – overall I’m proud of it, but I wasn’t able to completely finish one so the last piece is still a Work in Progress, and I feel that I could still polish up my other animations for sure!

Since I’ve been done school, I went to go get DS Lite from Pacific Mall (I knoww, kinda late and why not get a DSi? Lots of reasons!) thanks to my friend Niki for accompanying me :D Or else I probably would be lurking around the windows going, “should I buy it…I want to buy it..hmmm…” :D

I got to draw a bit! Yay! Learned some new stuff when my friend Alvin came into class Friday to give a short digital painting demo – yay!

Anyway, hope you enjoy my demoreel, it’s what I have to show for of the last 14 weeks of my program – feel free to critique!

School is DONE!


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