Dragonica !

This is a big fat eye candy post of an upcoming mmorpg that I can’t wait to play !! Blargh!! I’ve been kind of a stalker with this game, checking its website almost everyday to see if they go “hey game’s up! The download button works now!” but nope.. I keep seeing the same news update of all the fun the people in China are having with the game. Poo.

But I checked it just a bit ago and they have a new splash screen that was pretty cool !! Check it out! DRAGONICA WEBSITE

It makes me so happy, it’s coming soon! SOOOOON !

For now, I’ll just keep looking at these pictures..mmm :D I thought I’d upload some pictures ( a lot.. of pictures because they’re really worth sharing) that were in a Media Kit they have on the website, just images of NPCs, monsters, players, locations and stuff! The models are so simple but so good! Look!

Here are some of the Playable Characters:



Monsters ! The sheep’s my personal favourite :D I really like the simple modelling !





NPCs…sketches & models :]



Locations! Pretty ~



Lastly.. a random screenshot:


When you Power-Up, your head turns into a BEAR HEAD! :D Is that awesome or is that AWESOME! Haha!

Anyway, yup. This game’s an inspiration to me because I really like the designs of the characters and the painting, but I can’t seem to find out who did the designs! Oh well.. until then when the game comes.. back to work!



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