Petra ♥

Yesterday was my birthday!

Thanks to some really really awesome people, I got a surprise birthday present :) ! I LOVE IT !!

My very own Petra figure :) Despite having very very little sleep through the entire week and had just pulled an allnighter, first thing I did when I got home was take pictures of this hot awesomeness :D

It comes with her,  her weapon, a base and an unknown black piece..I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with it. But I’ll keep it when the day comes that I figure it out :D This is Shunya Yamashita’s figure, so there’s probably detachable clothing because…yeah it was from know how figures roll there – people like that option. So you can take off Petra’s skirt and her .. strip of clothing that covers her breasts, but I’m not going to do that :)

Look at her!!

Original Concept by Shunya Yamashita





That’s all for now :)

For my demo reel, I’ve decided to just put in the 2 animations I’ve completed and just polish them! There’s no way I can have a nice 3rd animation done in 3 days. Inconceivable :D !

Hope to post my polished stuff up sooon~


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