first 2009 update!

It’s 2009!
I need to update this a LOT more often!
So here I am :D !!

I got around to taking pictures of the 12 pieces in my last portfolio before the winter break for life drawing class – I wish I got a new camera or something, the blurriness and the dull colours and bleh are irking mee :/

But before my portfolio – here are two pieces I drew during my first life drawing class back from the break..a month of no life drawing :S

My Portfolio hereee:

Even though it’s going to be a 14-week hell from now on – I hope I will go to more extra life sessions than last semester !



One thought on “first 2009 update!

  1. oooh I like your lifedrawings Iris, especially the third and fourth one (if you go from left to right, up to down), the last one, and the ninth one. great feeling!

    ~ Thea

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