layout, life drawings and a space babe.

Wanted to post up a bunch of stuff on since I’ve finally gotten it onto the computer for my yearbook pages…whew!

My layout of something like a market in Hong Kong – this took me awhile to clean with all the little details, but I’m liking how it turned out :]

Space babe ! Doodled this in the studio when I didn’t feel like doing anything else, Sebastian was teaching me how to draw more realistically – I always tend to draw the eyes far apart with huge craniums but .. now I can draw realistically(er) now! Yay!
Hoping to ink this and colour it as soon as I have the time to :D

My life drawings that I really liked from the last batch of drawings that I showed to my life drawing teacher Rick. Thanks to whoever left a pack of charcoal sticks lying around, I decided to try drawing with it. Shading and drawing dark lines just got a LOT easier ! Sticking to charcoal sticks now!

Hope you like :D


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