2nd year animations !

Here are some of the animations from this year that I’ve finished for my animation class… all done on paper ! Oh man… animating on paper is … cruel. Hahahaha.. to the trees and to my hand, my eyes and my mind. But it’s worth it when you get to see it all finished and put together :]

First up is my 20 second lip-sync animation! 10 seconds of dialogue had to be included in the animation, and the dialogue can be from whatever movie or show. I picked a clip from Ocean’s Eleven :D

Animating a one sentence dialogue with a bunny man character I created :D If you couldn’t really understand what he said, it was “I am in shape….round, is a shape!”

“Absolutely Incredible!” – first animation I did in my 2nd year… first time animating lip-sync I think!

Hope you like :D
More to come! There’s still an animation I left on the school computer.. I’ll put it on here soon!



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