oldies from 1st year

I’m going to procrastinate a bit (ha, a bit) and finally put THINGS into my blog ! I’ve been wanting to do this.. but it seemed like such a complicated process to find my artwork, then take a picture of it, scan it whatever, then upload and all that ..

But I’ll start !

Old stuff from last year as I’m looking through my Flickr account..

Werner’s 20 pelvis assignment… hahaha :D It was a good thing to go through, too bad I still forget what the pelvis really looks like. It’s too complicated man! All those bumps and holes and wings and buckets and .. yeah.

This was the earliest piece of life drawing that I have on the account.. I need to find my first ever life drawing and stick it on here. This is halfway through the 1st year I think, and this is how my drawing’s changed by the end of 1st year

Yeahhh I still have a lot to improve on :D They generally look the same.. so I need to get on that! Honestly, that last drawing there with the woman with her back towards us … I don’t know what was going on that day, whatever I was feeling or doing, it was going really good for me :D So.. I hope that it comes back soon! Because that drawing came that one time, and I couldn’t do it again. Bah.

Hope you like :]


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