oldies from 1st year : part two

I found more stuff in my folders!
I can look back and laugh at how long it took me to finish these pieces and how I wanted to choke something while I’m staying up until 5am, finishing it all :D Oh god.

Old character design of Jekyll & Hyde, and that last layout assignment where we draw ourselves at our desks. Heh. That Jekyll & Hyde assignment was so hard x.x

My super old character design assignment! One of the first few, I think. My favourite was my poo-throwing monkey :D

Ohhh! My first (or.. second actually) Digital Tools assignment ever. Painting a character that you created. This took awhile for me, because I was a painting newbie. Still am though! Got to keep working on it…

This piece dates back to grade 12, actually.. when I submitted it to win a macbook or something? Back then I didn’t know how to paint on the computer whatsoever, so this was done with commercial paint by hand. I was very inspired by Hyung Tae Kim’s designs – dangly things and little details that look pretty but don’t really serve a purpose :D

Hope you likes :]
That’s all for today! Seriously! haha.



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